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Hampshire Heavies New Map Night - Sun 19th Dec from 7 GMT

Discussion in 'Server Events' started by samn, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. samn

    samn L4: Comfortable Member

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    I'm a member of the Hampshire Heavies, a European TF2 community. We're doing a weekly playtest event of WIP maps every Sunday around 7pm GMT - 9pm GMT on our server. Our server's IP is:

    We play with 24 players, nocrits, and alltalk on so people can discuss the map.

    Couple basic requirements the map must meet:
    1. No fullbright - it has to have some lighting, though it doesn't have to be great.
    2. No leaks or big optimization problems
    3. Must be a 'proper' map that 16 - 24 players can enjoy in standard TF2 settings.

    It doesn't need to be fully textured or have all the displacements in place or anything like that, just so long as it's playable.

    After the playtest we'll post a bunch of feedback on our forums to help you make improvements. We'll also provide you with a SourceTV demo of your playtest.

    Post your WIP maps in the thread and I'll send you a PM if we're interested. :)
  2. Gonfin

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    atleast this time ill be in ontime?


    RED's doors only open after the BLU team has the point for ~60s, and versa-vica
  3. BrokenTripod

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    I'm not sure if I can make it to the event, but it might be nice to not be there to explain everything to everyone.

    Thread url:

    (Sorry for lack of .bz2)

    I'll try to make it, but no promises. The textures are all a bit off, but it should be mostly ok? It seems to run fine on my computer, but if anyone experiences any optimization problems, it would be helpful to know where :3

    Thanks a ton for hosting this!
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