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Feb 27, 2016
    1. Zverina
      Thanks for a quick response.

      Apparently I overlooked the fact that a .nav file was never created... Huh. As a quick confirmation, you simply use nav_generate and the file should automatically write itself in the mapsrc folder, correct?

      Nevermind, I found it. Thanks again for the quick response.
    2. BrokenTripod
      Have you generated a navigation mesh for your map?

      just type nav_generate in the console after you've turned on cheats.

      It refuses to load the missions if there's no way for the bots to know how to get around your map. If that's not the problem, then make sure you have the right game logic set up for MvM!
    3. Zverina
      I have a question regarding having missions work.

      I've recently finished a map of my own and copied and adjusted the important entities from the example map, but when I try to test with a custom mission (which I have experience making), the mission doesn't load in-game. I've even tried with a coaltown mission using tf_mvm_popfile but with no luck. The waves bar simply shows 0/0 and the money box is blank.

      I hope you can respond quickly because this problem has been frustrating me for the last two days.
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