Got a question about spawn points.

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    -snip, quitting-
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    No carving for anyone! ....try making a keypad or something similar eg sequence of buttons etc
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    Protection is probably unnecessary. No-one's REALLY going to decompile your map.
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    The map cannot check any steam info, but a plugin could absolutely do it.

    Covering the outside of your room in black is useless, since faces touching the void are culled during compile, you would need to double wrap the room (like a thermos) and have the inner walls black. You would also need an info_target or something in there so the entity-less space doesn't get removed.

    If you do end up using sourcemod to teleport/spawn yourself in the room, the easiest way to protect the room from noclip intruders is simply to encase the whole thing in a trigger_teleport box, then no one can enter it, period, without teleportation.

    Decompile "protection" is pointless, it was something specifically coded into one decompiler app but hacked versions of it exist anyway. Plus if you go the trigger_teleport method, it wouldn't matter if people know where the box is.