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    Hello everyone.
    The name is CaptainCrunchyFeet. (Had to shorten my name)
    I joined tf2maps because I just got into making maps for tf2 and such.
    Sadly, I do a piss-poor job at it. So I'm a newbie at making maps.
    I've also enjoy some of the tf2maps as well. Good stuff, chaps

    I'm a 4 year veteran of Team Fortress 2. I bought the game about 2 weeks before the scout update went live, and loved the game even since. I have played tf2 for a totally of 700+ hours (No life, haha).

    Sadly, my PC is god-awful and I'm lucky to run this game but the map editer (Source hammer, is it?) works fine. Hopeful I'll get a new a PC by the end of this year.

    I hope I can make a few working maps and join in on the community and have a good time. :p
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    Hammer, yea... and jsut watch out, it'll crash... at lot :p

    Welcome to the community! Pop into our steam chat if you're bored (link on front page)... and/or join us for gamedays :D