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    Blue Team –"I tell ya boys, we're going to be rich, rich, rich! We found where those dirty Reds have been getting their gold from! Let's go get the gold!"
    Red Team - "Those blue bastards are at it again!! They want our gold? No F'in way!"

    Blue has to get the full gold cart at the bottom of the canyon to their waiting getaway dump truck. Red has to stop them.

    Map is set in late afternoon, so there are different lighting conditions outside and dark conditions inside the caves. There are four stages to overcome.

    Two mini-ctf style game play sections in the map.
    One demolition sequence to blow up a barricade.
    Death carts travel around the map on a random basis – try not to get run over.
    Two dancing demo, pyro and heavy take a boat trip.
    A drunken demo after a picnic.



    Here is the B2 version of the map.
    I have worked hard on it based on your feedback - I think it is a 100% improvement over the last version. Thanks for all your help.
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    As a payload map... well, this map is HUGE. the longest payload track I have ever seen. There are too many gimmicks and too many routes everywhere o_o

    on the other hand, this would make for a cool adventure map, go find the drunken demo, help him find his rum, find key, open door, mine x amt of gold, kill the shark, climb the water tower, get past all the sentries, etc. just throwing it out there. you got an expansive-rpg-world feel to the map and you put a ton of effort into many awesome gimmicks :)
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    there are quite a few issues you may need to attend to here, like how all the cliffs appear to be brush geometry instead of displacements (also the texture size of the cliffs is really low so it looks very repetitive and unnatural). there's also the issue of using hl2 rocks on a tf2 map, but that is easy to fix.
    then there's, i'm not sure what it is, but you got these areas of red in screens 2 and 4. what are those? if they're the oak trees from manor, they don't really fit the canyon's deserty feel.

    i do look your landmark of the 2-tiered waterfall coming out the cliff however. - but again i don't think that matches the deserty theme the rest of the map portrays. perhaps switch to an alpine theme?

    i think however, the thing that stands out to me most is the cap point in the 4th image. there's literally no space to stand either sideof the cart, and defending that point just comes down to a pyro with a dispenser spamming airblasts.
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    Mouse trap! XD

    This map looks huge and I like it, but you need to remove the HL2 rocks and maybe add some more buildings and landmarks because it looks a teeny bit bland.
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    Main problem is that you're using HL2 content, which is a huge no-no. The map also does feel a bit large.
    However, you appear to have some very good height variation.
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    Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it!!

    Shark? I forgot the SHARK??? Dammit! LOL
    Yep I agree, it's a long payload route - when making the map I thought of all those maps you push a cart by once and never see it again - I wanted to see if I could keep the fighting all around the same types of areas while getting some verticle lift. As for the multiple routes - part of it was class structure - demos/soldiers/scouts can do long jumps others can't and heavies well they're just slow so I tried to build it for them too. The other part was that I HATE maps where there is just one choke point that blue has to fight through with no flanking routes. All red has to do on a 32 player map is to place 10 L3 sentry guns pointed and 6 other classes at it and if you're on blue you've just wasted x minutes of your time trying to break it because it can't be broken.
    I do like your idea of the adventure map though!

    Hmm - most of them are dispalcements - maybe it's the texture thing - what scale should it be? - currently it's .25

    Will think about switching the rock - they worked well when it was a night map with fog but now that it's day time - you're right.

    The red things are patches of gold underwater - if you're below the surface it goes back to gold.

    The water fall idea in the desert comes from the Gregory Peck movie "Mckenna's Gold" there's this secret oasis in the desert.

    4th image is start of the map - blue has 4 doors to get out on the left - one is under the cliff so players can run across the bridge and up the back stairs to harass red from behind - 1 is on the top level so if blue controls the top then they can really harass red from above (red has a mid level section to also help fight this) If blue gets car to top of ramp - they get a 5th door opening up at that level. Again trying to keep the game play on multiple levels and flanks to foster team play and co-ordination. Blue will have a hard time here but so will red.

    Yep am revisiting the rocks idea - but for the blandness that's an issue - even as it is - the map is near the entity limit - any more gets me a edict crash every time - I have recently stripped 300 entities/props etc out of it in order to get it to work. Maybe some more brush work in slide 5 to replace the rocks on the bridge and the rocks in the center with more archway type of rocks - like that park in the States. By converting them to brushes - it would also further decrease my entity count making the map even more stable and upping my frame rate even more :)
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