Giant pipe creation?

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    I want to make a map where part of it is in a giant pipe like thing, however, I can't get it to look right! Torvus makes a straight angle, and I want the angle to be around ~120 degrees. Arc just makes a single section of the pipe, and they won't blend correctly.

    What do I do?
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    Not sure exactly what you're trying to do but try the vertex manipulation tool might do what i think you're trying to do.

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    No, don't use vertex manipulation. If you're trying to make the inside of the pipe, I recommend using displacements and subdividing them in order to achieve your goal (then surrounding them with a nodraw corridor.)

    Essentially, create a regular square corridor (the height and width should be equal to prevent the pipe looking warped.) Divide the corridor into three segments, so that each segment is exactly one third the length you want. Select the inside faces using the Face Edit Tool and convert them to displacements. Click subdivide and it should round them into a pipe-like shape. Keep the middle segment, but delete the other two. Then resize the middle to fill the entire length. Surround with nodraw and serve.
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    Nerboy gave a great description on how to do that, but if you are like me, pictures will explain more than anyone could try to explain to me. So if you need a couple of picture examples you could also follow this link as it is a very nice tutorial as well on how to setup a pipe. or sewer. Just instead of using the dimensions he says, double, quadruple or octuple* what he has! Lol

    Linky -----> [TUTORIAL] Displacement Pipes/Sewers
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