Gameday Server issues-Explanation

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    Hello everyone,
    For you that don't know me, I donate the server that is used for game days and special events.

    Today ( Sunday) the server was very unstable to say the least due to a number of things.

    1. Valve released the buggy as hell scout update, and then another update

    2. the aforementioned update had caused issues( to say the least) with both Sourcemod and Metamod

    3.In my attempts to update Metamod and Sourcemod the server became very unstable. I replicated the same( Stable) configuration i used on the other [Z] servers. But theye was an issue with the update, apparently none of the files were being was like nothing ever changed.

    To resolved the issue i have put in a ticket with the game host to install the needed files.

    the result was , unfortunately, a clusuterfuck of epic proportions.

    I apologize for the interruption of your gameday and . now that the cause is known. I will ensure it doesnt happen in the future.

    Best Regards

    [Z] Nemesis

    I have confirmed the server has been updated to the latest versions of Sourcemod and Metamod.

    it should work just fine now
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    I appreciate the info m8, and your resolve to help us fix the problem :)
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    Again, I know a guy who hosts a great couple servers, one of which he could let us use for gameday :3
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    I didn't make gameday, spent both days in Hammer. But still appreciate the effort you are putting in. Cheers!