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CTF Financial a3b

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Apr 29, 2018
Hey! Just downloaded the map and I'm afraid to say that it's nothing but errors and missing textures. Thought I'd let you know.


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Apr 21, 2018
Call_Me_Meme updated Financial with a new update entry:

Version A3b (aka. I used the right CompilePal settings this time)

The "I finally fixed the stupid mistakes I made!" update.

Fixed the whole 'Red Team being trapped in their spawn' problem.

I had forgotten to change the drop downs in the settings for the lower Red Respawn Room, Func_RespawnroomVisualizer's and the filters for the doors.

I also realized that I had used the wrong CompilePal preset last time that didn't pack the map, and it should now finally include the cubemaps now.

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