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    So a question:

    When you hit the Run button, You can tick off "No, "Normal," or "Fast" for vvis and vrad. My question is, what does the "fast" vvis compile do that the "normal" vvis doesn't?
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    Other way around. Normal does things that fast does not. VVIS does it's work in two steps, first a basic level of leaf-to-leaf visibility, followed by an in-depth calculation. Fast leaves out the second step, and I'd say it's most common use is if you just want to check lighting, as a fast vis will be enough for VRAD to run. Though if you haven't changed any geometry, you can technically run an Onlyents BSP, leave out VIS entirely, and run RAD with the new light entity changes.
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    What he said, a fast VVIS does a pretty bad job in finding what brushes don't have to be rendered (run the game in wireframe to see for yourself), which leads to under-performance. That's why you should avoid it in a released version. However, it's quite practical when you want to test your lighting.