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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by MangyCarface, Jun 1, 2010.

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    When viewmodel switching was first enabled, there was a great bind that let you fire from the left on left click and the right on right click as soldier, which was great fun because you could really fuck with angles and stuff. If someone is so inclined for the modelling contest, care to whip up an RL replacement that would do this?
    +Can fire from left or right side depending on mouse click
    +No reloading
    -Delay between shots is increase by +50% (Delay on both rocket launchers is codependent, so you can't fire both at once, just like the prepatch launcher)
    -50% of normal ammo supply

    The only reason I bother posting this (if there's one thing we don't have a shortage of it's weapon ideas) is because I thought it would be a fun weapon to design and model, and the function is essentially replicating something we once had while making it more interesting and fair... That and the removal of having to have some way to reload give a modeller a lot of flexibility, so please bite, I miss the function greatly, and I will claim no hold on the idea bc an idea is all it is

    I imagine the design would be a smaller rocket launcher( rocket launcher/CountJWolf/Gaigladiator.jpg) in both hands, or some crazily animated single weapon that the soldier swings from side to side as needed... again, if you just made 1 smaller rocket launcher, it could be duplicated for the other hand very easily...

    thanks for readin' at least
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    Sadly, as I understand the contest rules (which, as far as I can tell, are only explained hazily across three or four different threads), all new weapon replacements have to replace something that already exists and use all of that items existing animations and other functions.

    This would be a pretty neat thing though if someone wanted to make it and submit it to the contribute thing the normal way.
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    That poor nail, shmitz hit it right on the noggin.

    They had to clarify a day into the contest cause everyone was going apeshit over stat modifications and new features.