KotH Docks a1

King of the Hill

  1. jackal

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    Docks - King of the Hill

    My first map that I finally finished. Please tell me how I can improve it!
  2. Skullio

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    Hi good job getting your first map working. I just had a quick run on it, the biggest problem is the water level is too low and there is no way to get out of it except self inflicted drowning, so either add some ramps or steps out or raise the whole water level.

    You've got the classic problem of sniper heaven with big open sight lines everywhere, so basically just add more stuff especially to cover the respawn doors. You've got the basics down so the next step is developing a more interesting layout and get stuck in to displacements to make your environment appear natural.

    Couldn't find any glaring bus except only one teams respawn cabinet animates when it is used
  3. RodionJenga

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    Some in-game screenshots wouldn't hurt either. link