KotH Death by Airblast

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    Arid Sky

    Do you get frustrated everytime you airblast someone they land on solid ground?
    Does it bother you that when you mess up your rocket jumps you land safely?
    Do you wish health kits were placed in more dangerous locations?
    Did you ever wish you could have a staring contest with enemy playes from your won spawn?
    Do you think it is too easy when a capture point is large enough to support your entire team?

    Well now there exist a solution to all you problems!

    With the all new KotH Death by Airblast (copyright pending). Where you can have endless fun and you can blame your deaths on bad map design instead of admitting that your tf2 skill lack.


    In all seriousness; I recently tried using hammer again after not having released any maps in years. I tried to see if I could make a proper mirrored map (I usually do a 180 rotates symmerty) and have a creative control point. I have tried to keep it reasonably balanced. For instance the control point is pretty small and dangerous to capture but actually takes less time to capture than normal.

    The map is pretty small and I expected it to be pretty bad but when I played it with some bots it turned out I had to stop myself from playing it because it was actually quite fun.

    I haven't released maps in years so if you find any stupid mistakes I made feel free to point them out.
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    Those resupply items at the side of the point seem like a bit too much.
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    I like the namechange. I would suggest not using spytech computerwall textures in an outside desert theme.