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    My second TF2 map and my first "serious" map.

    DamItOut is a KOTH map set in the middle of the desert, with RED and BLU both manning dam/reservoirs as their base. It is small, but may allow for some interesting gameplay. The map combines water, and a pit that surrounds the CP that kills anyone that get a foot near the ground. The top of each base has a reservoir of water with a ledge in the front. The front of each base is sloped, allowing rocket-jumping Soldiers to get up to take out enemy snipers.
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    The idea of a water reservoir is not bad, but this is not completely thought through.

    Wouldn't a basin of still water in the desert just evaporate rapidly?

    Aside from that, a water reservoir would most likely have a conical (or maybe even spherical!) shape, as that would require less building materials for the same amount of water. STILL then, a desert reservoir might even be a natural underground one.

    I'd love to see a map where water is the thing being fought over, but this doesn't quite convince me yet :p

    You may also want to read some design theory. Currently, the control point has one route for each team, is completely exposed and at a severe height disadvantage, making it extremely unattractive to capture.
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