CTF CTF_Sweetwater A2


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Nov 18, 2012
CTF_Sweetwater - Capture the other team's chocolate bars.

This is a map that based on a short story I had come up with, Two Heavies buy 50% percent of the Dalokohs bar's company and have split the factory down to the middle, meaning they each have a storage warehouse/sorting factory which they count and distribute their products. After working hours is when things get dirty, each team plots on stealing the other's bars in efforts to make the other go bankrupt. So RED and BLU are pinned against each other, to see who can make who bite(nom) the dust.

This is still a work in progress, the mid low area will be changed to make it a playable area, the bridge will be replaced with something more matching. Certain sections inside the building will look more warhouse-y and have more of the warehouse type aesthetics.
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