KotH Crosstower a3

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Mar 20, 2016
Crosstower - Not Viaduct

The two team fights to take control of the elevator tower on top of an expansive mineshaft under the towers.

As an attempt to make a koth that is not viaduct, I created this.
It will either have upward or upward+dustbowl hybrid theme.

Inspired by Idolon's High and Low Detail Entry


L2: Junior Member
Sep 24, 2012
I'm quite liking this.
Loving the platforms along the edges, I'd prefer another door to avoid the dead end but that might make them OP so I don't know.
Also the spawn yard exits are quite close together so could do with another exit to the left side, maybe to that balcony if you gave it some cover from the side towers. That'd give a quicker route underneath too.
Definitely not a viaduct clone. Good job, keep it coming

Vhonny Barjo

L1: Registered
Aug 7, 2018
Nice one. I definitely would like to play in it later.
The point is good and there's a way to flank with the stairs that goes beneath the point. The light in blue spawn is low.
For the dead end sniper place, some cover (crates, whatever) would be great. Or even a large window to shoot from over the point while still being obvious to the other snipers (a way to equilibrate the spot).
The big ammo and med for both sides of team (in the room before the point) seems to open and dangerous to me. Maybe putting it not on sight of the main point would be good.
Also, is the void under the map created on purpose? I like the idea of being pushed easily in it with a Force of nature or a demo sticky.