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CTF cpctf_granary_b1 (new mode)

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by -kipa-, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. -kipa-

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    cpctf_granary_b2 (new mode)

    Hey all, on our community forum i found and interesting map which i want to share.

    The official thread is here, but its in Russian.
    Here is my translation: (The original Author is ShaNo)

    Hello all!
    While i was laying in a hospital i thought about a "new mode".
    I asked my friend, X-Stef, to embody this idea (because my hands are curves and i simply don`t know how to use SDK).
    This is a hybrid map of granary (if it will be loved by many people then there will be more hybrids in future).

    At the beginning two teams are fighting for the middle point, and the winner team must grab the docs and bring them to the final enemy "point".
    If the enemy captured the mid point and is carrying your docs, then you can just cap the mid point back and, as i said before, grab the docs and bring them to the final enemy "point".
    The capping time is reduced.

    At first time we were testing 5x5 gamemode with classlimit 1 (example: medic, demo, scout, soldier, heavy), but on 6x6 it was not worse (we just added one engineer, but that was just a test)

    This is a modified cp_granary with a point and 2 flags.
    Sources: from Valve
    Map version: Beta2
    Mode: Hybrid CP+CTF
    Number of control points: 3 (but you can capture only the middle point)

    Changes in map:
    1. The 3rd respawn places are deleted
    2. 2nd control points are deleted
    3. Ammo and health packs are increased from mid to big ones
    4. The 2nd respawn places are bigger
    5. Added platforms for documents
    6. Reduced area of capping at last points
    7. Reduced point capping time

    When someone, who is carrying the docs, will step on one of the two invisible circumferences, which have radius: 1024 unit (same as sentry radius), on the last points, then the Administrator will say "Security alert!" or "Security warning!".

    How to play:
    1. Cap middle point
    2. Then grab the document, which is located between middle and 2nd enemy point (right yard)
    3. Carry those to the final point
    4. If the enemy will capture middle point, then your docs will disapear
    5. Win rules are: Windifference 6(or 4?) points and timelimit is 30min

    Known bugs:
    • In cl_hud_minmode 0 CP HUD will overlap the CTF HUD
    • Sometimes the arrow in CTF HUD don`t work
    • Not in all HUDs: If you are carrying the docs and enemy will capture the mid - your docs will disapear, but in HUD you will still see that you are carrying then (this is fixed when you will die)

    Also i ask you to play on it(if you are interested in it of course) and to decide with gamemode (standart 6x6: 1 medic, 1 demo, and 2 of other classes), or 5x5: only 1 of each class)
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  2. Jetti

    Jetti L5: Dapper Member

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    My comments which require translation and posting (Thanks!):

    I'd suggest personally that you made a new map for this mode, as granary is suited for standard CP gameplay and not cpctf; while I understand that you do not understand how to use SDK, your friend, X-Stef, seems to be very fluent with it, as (s)he has managed to create a fun 'new' gamemode. Good Luck!
  3. Penguin

    aa Penguin Clinically Diagnosed with Small Mapper's Syndrome

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    This sounds like Invade CTF.

    We had a contest for this mode a few months back
  4. StickZer0

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  5. The Political Gamer

    aa The Political Gamer

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    Really? Thats a dick thing to say to a new member. I mean its a modification sure but its a new game mode not just "hurr I added snow" My guess is that he just wanted a map to prove that this game type works. I didn't see anyone complain when Icky made pl_granary.
  6. mdawgmike

    mdawgmike L1: Registered

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    It's just funny how many times CP/CTF hybrid has been introduced as a "new" game mode. It's probably because it hasn't been done enough to gain widespread recognition. ctf_powerhouse_final (one of the first of these) is a creative example of what can be done with the mode. In the map a team has two objectives. The first, to hold the powerhouse which in turn creates a shield preventing your team's intel from being taken. The second, of course, is either defending or going after the intel. Having to manage two objectives at any given time always made the map a dynamic experience (and a blast to play) for me. It's definitely one of my top 10 all-time favorites for TF2...although I can never find a server that plays it anymore :(.

    Anyways, I think that the author's take on the mode (as an invade-style CTF) is a pretty cool concept. It's likely to stalemate a lot less than with a traditional style CTF. Personally, I think a CTF map as the base would be a better prototype though. The design of these maps makes it more practical for running intel. For example, you could use 2fort and make the bridge the center control point.
  7. StickZer0

    aa StickZer0 💙💙💃💙💙

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    A) It wasn't me saying "I don't approve", it was me saying "Make sure you know what you could be up against".

    B) It's not a particularly new game mode. However it IS different to Invade CTF in the sense that backcapping the mid while the enemy has the intel blocks them, and I like that. I don't want to undermine anything that ShaNo may have done, but "I reworked how you capture points" is essentially along the same lines of "hurr I added snow" in my eyes. There is nothing else different with the map.

    Also, your HDR cubemaps need re-building, they're really bright.
  8. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

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    Sounds like a cool hybrid between 5CP and invade ctf. love to try it out.

    no one is up against this, i think. cool way to try out a new mode is by testing it on maps that already work.
  9. red_flame586

    red_flame586 L7: Fancy Member

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    I think it sounds like a cool idea, but it would probably be a lot better to make a whole new map completly designed for the gametype instead of changing a current 1 because a) people around here often don't like valve conversions (see thread mentioned earlier) and b) because granary is designed to be a cp, not a hybrid, which means that the game might not work as well. Try building a new map yourself to see how gameplay works, how players approach it and how players understand it.
  10. Jethro

    Jethro MUSty Complainer

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    I dunno, maybe changing a Valve map for a proof of concept is alright, so people can see how it works in an already established map? As long as it isn't meant to be "first map ever best map im gonna make" sort of thing.
  11. gamemaster1996

    gamemaster1996 L13: Stunning Member

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    I don't frown on this and to me it seems like it might flow very well :)
  12. tyler

    aa tyler

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    I think a better A/D CTF map would be an A/D CP map, not push.
  13. -kipa-

    -kipa- L1: Registered

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    New version released :)

    Check changelog.
  14. -kipa-

    -kipa- L1: Registered

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    made a server

    • RU server
    • only cpctf_granary_b2
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