CP cp_shichang_a1 2019-10-23

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Apr 3, 2018
cp_shichang_a1 - A 5CP, Hong-Kong themed map with focus on Verticality and movement!

- Rival power companies in down-town Hong-Kong send Mann Co's finest mercs to gain access to eachothers generator plants! -

Hello TF2Maps!! This is my 3rd tf2 mapping project and by far the most time-consuming and biggest!

I am only at version A1 so feedback is very appriciated and checked often.

The map will most certainly have afew bugs and things that need changing, and I am more than happy to make changes suggested by the awesome community here.

As a quick over-view of what this map entails:

Shichang includes:

Power-house style last point, with multiple entry points, vertical holding spots and flanks.

The main streets of the City, with a real focus on verticality and open movement.

-Scouts are able to breeze along the skyline, whilst engineers must take care to move along the rooftops, or stay low.
-Any class can take the high-ground, but team work and co-ordination can help use the roofs to your advantage.

A tight and busy Market-place, with specialist classes in mind. Plenty of flank options and powerful pushing and holding corridors!

A long flank to middle, but a fully fledged metro-system! Complete with metro trains and a jump-pad to mid!

-Underground is a great option for longer flanks and more competitive players to roll-out to, as it provides a sneaky alternative and rewards with health and tighter areas for conflict.

Middle consists of a pleasant open park, with blooming Sakura trees and long-standing gardens, alongside the mechanical and neon lights of downtown Hong-Kong.

-Middle consists of holding points, verticality but also length and timing to come out on-top. The general consensus is mid becomes the slaughter-fest of the start of the game, but blossoms into a slower-paced retake zone!

There are also fun Easter Eggs to discover in your free time!



Top-down of the Map layout


Last point on RED.


Market-Place (Hence the project is called Shichang!)


The vertical roof-top access. All Roofs are accessible via this route!


Middle with the beautiful Sakura Trees!


The Metro system! A fast flank under-mid with a Jump-pad to get up.

I hope you enjoy the map, and feel free to give me any feedback you like!

Asset pack made by Freyja and E-Arkham.