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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Thanet2528, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Thanet2528

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    Attack (Red) /Defend (Blu) Map with 3 capture points.

    Blu engineers have a lot of adventage because there are many good location to put the sentry guns.
    Red hardly get spawn capping. There are 3 exit from respawn room.
    There are many boxes and containers, so engineer can climb up and put the teleporter for their adventage.
    The door to C point will open when Red captured B.
    After Red captured B, Door to B point in the Blu respawn room will be close.

    This is my first map, so I need you guys' opinion what should be improved or how is the map.
    This map has neven been try on any server.
    If someone please download and try, I will appreciate for that.

    My file is too big for this forum. so you can go here to get my map. or
  2. Snipergen

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    2mb too big for the forum?
    Also: css/hl2 texture on the floor :O
  3. MangyCarface

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    Holy christ, an FPS nightmare!

    You're mapping on easy mode with all those props! You can't just throw in crates as your geometry, you need to use brushwork! Right now your map looks confusing and jumbled together. It's no wonder it's only 2 megabytes, as all it is is props! Please, delete all the props and control your gameplay with brushwork, or this map will always be unplayable.

    Don't take this harshly, it's solid advice ;)
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