CP Dixie

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    While playing this yesterday it was fun, but also a spamfest, 99% sure because of the almost instant respawn times, so don't know too much about this balance thing yet, but its fun fun.

    Just a couple things I saw, there are some spots on the cliffs where you can jump and shoot rockets/stickies/etc to the other side; and in the water there are some places where it looks like you can walk out of it, but you can't, you have to go 3 steps sideways to get out.
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    Well mangy, as I'm typing this I just got killed, minimized my game, got to this thread, and now I'm saying. I love it.

    +Love the theme
    +Small and intense
    +Looks are going the good way

    -Balance and hard to penetrate
    -Needs more direction signs
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    hey i playtested this the other day..

    few things
    the last cp needs some work. maybe another entrance? maybe add a door under the ramp that goes into the building? and/or open the door/window in the cp.

    also put a arrow pointing upwards on the brick wall. i dont think many new about it until after u told us :p

    and maybe u could make the 2nd cp (before going outside to the bridge) have a entrance on the bridges level?... so actually in the cp. maybe make one of the ramps on the top floor b a drop down and the exit from the cp be under it?... just a suggestion.

    snipers sorta have a hard time... maybe if u do that drop down platform they have a spot to sit...

    otherwise great map! really fun
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    I ran around it earlier, and noticed several things.

    Firstly, it's very well-made in such a short time period, but then again when you noclip out of the map, you can see how tiny it really is. The displacements are good, the textures are well-picked and the lighting is spot-on. The only criticism I would have would be the lack of props and detail, but then you have to realise that this is the first alpha version.

    Secondly, some of the layout choices don't seem to make sense to me. The second caps essentially have 3 or 4 ways in and only 1 way out, possibly making it difficult to maintain a presence on the point, but then again I haven't played the map. It's hard to work out the way from the 2nd point to the middle. For me, the second cap lacks definition in its brush work, feeling more like a blank room than the interior of a building.

    Thirdly, why only the 4 capture points? The middle seems the perfect spot for a 3rd cap point, and with the addition of a setup time, the map could become a whole lot more balanced, and less of a spam fest in the middle. This could also limit the use of the one-way door to the team that owns the middle.

    Overall, however, it's better than anything I could make, even despite the short amount of time it took to make (I'm VERY easily distracted). Good job. Oh, and I think you should overlay a few more func_precipitations because the rain is hardly noticable when compared to the loud noise it generates. Plus, you should make the sky light up when the lightning comes :D