CP/CFT hybrid map types?

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Wich of there 3 types do you prefer?

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  3. Type 3

  1. marnamai

    marnamai L1: Registered

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    Well, I have a properly working prototype for my CP/CTF hyrbid map.

    But I am still having doubts wich type I should choose

    TYPE 1: 1 central neutral capture point and 2 flags
    + fast gameplay focussing on defending the flag and holding the central capture point to capture the enemy flag
    - ?

    TYPE 2: 1 blue and 1 red capture point and 2 flags
    + ?
    - having to cap/defend both capture points and the flag (no locking capture points)
    - slow gameplay (none of both teams will probably reach the enemy flag)
    - there is no real focuspoint in this type

    TYPE 3: 1 blue, 1 red and 1 neutral capture point and 2 flags
    + once you captured the neutral point, the capture point near your spawn gets locked and the spawnroom is forwarded
    + easier to defend (because of locked cappoints)
    - map possibly too big and confuzing because of lack of CP HUD!

    If you know some extra positive or negative points on these 3 types, please post them :wink:
  2. Armadillo of Doom

    aa Armadillo of Doom Group Founder, Lover of Pie

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    Honestly, I think they're all quite ambitious projects. I voted for 3, just b/c I want to see it happen lol. My only concern is which game type will determine the victor. Do you win by capping points, or by getting 3 flag caps?
  3. marnamai

    marnamai L1: Registered

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    Flag captures will get you the points needed to win. Thats why I have doubts about type3. I think it will take both teams way too long to get to the enemys flag, while capturing and holding 3 CP's.
  4. JTG

    JTG L2: Junior Member

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    I'm voting for 1 just because I think that it's the easiest of the three concepts to work out which means it's easy for the players to grasp the playstyle. The other two could follow after the intial project.

    I've been thinking of designing a map where one team must capture a CP and the other capture a flag. After each capture, the round would restart. First team to 3 wins the map.
  5. Shmitz

    aa Shmitz Old Hat

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    I voted 1 because I actually have plans to make that sort of map as soon as the HUD problem can get fixed.
  6. Intraman

    Intraman L4: Comfortable Member

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    Type 1 seems to make the most sense.
  7. lerlerson

    lerlerson L2: Junior Member

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    Anybody know if it's possible to make a custom HUD with both the CTF... HUD... thing, and the CP squares?

    I need it for my map, (tentatively titled Snolabs). By the way, another question, can you change the value of the flag, say, one flag is worth 1 point and the second is worth 2? If so, let me know what you all think of my idea:

    There are five buildings, and the map is more-or-less diamond shaped, with one building at each point and one in the middle. Top and bottom are the team bases, left and right each hold a capture point and a flag worth one point. You can't grab the flags, but when you capture the point- the enemy can grab the flag. Wait, whut? Well, if you get both points capped, the third neutral flag, in the middle base, becomes grabbable by the team who capped the points, and it's worth 3 points.

    Somewhat confusing.