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    I was always intrigued with making content for video games. A game I always come back to is the TrackMania series, because that's the whole jist of the game, making more stuff.

    Team Fortress is a bit like that, and I wanted to get into more advanced tools (Hammer being a good one to get into).

    So here's my first map ever. I had a couple of ideas before, but I think this one is pretty good.

    Here's a rundown of what it is:
    It's a symmetrical CTF map, each side has two spawns (directly opposite each other). Both ways have ramps down to areas: one way leading to the intelligence, the other leading to the main battlefield. Underneath this is a little tunnel (in case if you want to not be noticed going past the spawns). From here, you can either go down into the lower areas, which has a slight maze like feeling), or you can go to the main area: a rectangular field with a bridge. You can access these higher parts by going up a ramp, and the bridge itself is shielded on both sides (not high enough to directly shoot over without jumping, but still enough to be visible).

    So yeah, it is my first map, so leave criticism, praise, and most importantly, suggestions on how to make it better.

    Here's a server link if you would like to try out this map (courtesy of my friend): steam://connect/
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    First, we use A1/B1 system. It counts every variation in two separate phases. Alpha and Beta. Alpha 1,Alpha 2... and so on.
    Moving on...
    No picks no clicks no dicks.
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    One not-very-descriptive screenshot isn't really enough to give any quick feedback, but it looks rather punishing if you fall of those structures in the one screenshot you do have.
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    the scale i've noticed is really really small- no way 24 players could fit on this without it being a gigantic clusterfuck. The resupply is pretty much right next to the intel, so that's a sentry farm nightmare. The underground area is compact and confusing, and since it exits right at the main entrance of the other base it's pretty much useless as far as a flanking route goes.
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    As far as screen shots go, take them ingame so we can see proper shadowing, take one of every important location, and zoom out over the map or use cl_leveloverview to get an over view of your layout.