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    I need some help with the maths counters. I have two of them (each of them count from 0-7) and I want something to happen when one of them reaches 4 or more, but stops when it goes back down to 3. Is there any way to do that? Also, how do you reset a counter at the end of a round?
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    logic_compare like Henke said; I wasn't aware that existed.

    Also if you set up your gamemode correctly and you can actually round win then all your entities should refresh on a new round automatically. Side note using OnMultiNewMap with logic_auto's is a good idea if you want something to happen only on map spawn and not when a new round starts.
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    Use a logic_compare and that's it. No need to mess around with the max and min of the counters.
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    You can make your math_counter send its value to a logic_case each time it's updated. Simply give it the output OutValue, pointing to the logic_case, and leave the parameter field blank.

    In the properties of the logic_case, enter the triggering numbers in each Value field.
    Then simply specify the outputs that should be performed upon each case, in the logic_case's outputs tab.

    If the logic_case is sent a number that it doesn't have a case for (0, 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7), it won't fire any outputs.
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    Before I attempt and describe a solution, let me check I have the desire correct:

    You want something to become enabled when either is >= 4 and disabled when both are <4?