Compiling issue

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Cynder loves Portal

L420: High Member
Jan 9, 2016
Sometimes when I compile a map, it compiles fine but when I load it in SFM or tf2 it crashes with loads of junk in the console.

The last time I tried compiling the latest version of , It competes and when I load it in SFM to test it, It crashes SFM.. What in the name is Celestia is going on!!!! I'll recompile A0 again and see if it does it again.

Everything was snapped to grid in A1 and I'll check A0 and resnap it to grid if it isn't and recompile.


master of fast travel
Jun 27, 2016
for sfm i believe you need some special settings iirc, ive always stayed from doing sfm maps personally because on how little it takes to crash it, it very well could be the map is too much for sfm (a 32bit program) to handle, custom assets can also do this as the program can handle only so much. however it would be nice if you post a compile log or check it at .
What in the name is Celestia is going on!!!!
also knock that off please.