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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by suzzanuzza, May 20, 2009.

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    whenever i walk through sliding doors while im testing my map, at the top of the screen it say "client stuck on object". also how to i make a sliding door that will not open into the surrounding structure? for example, i have a door on the 1st floor, but when it opens it sticks out of the floor of the 2nd floor. thanks
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    Not sure about the stuck thing. That might always happen. As long as you aren't physically getting stuck it's probably not too bad. You might also need to make them non-solid, and use a nodraw brush as the actual door.

    As for opening into second floor you just have to plan around it more. Have them slide sideways, or build a wall in the second floor where the door goes...
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    Good on you for noticing that. My first ever map was doing that for a long time, because I was the only person wandering around on it. It wasn't until someone else got on it with me that I became aware of doors suddenly popping out of empty walls and such. (It was pretty funny at the time.)

    As Sgt Frag says, it's easiest to just arrange for them to slide into walls or other areas where a player can't see them.

    I've seen garage style overhead doors that move like the real thing, but it's a pretty complex effect to create, and doesn't add that much to the enjoyment of the map for most players.

    Or you can set it up so it slides into someplace visible, but looks natural. For example, I did a fence gate that slid sideways alongside an existing fence. Got the job done and looked great.
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