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    So I was making a map, and it changed the name to Autosave at the end, well, now I cant find the autosave and all I can find is my second save of the map, and thats hours behind, and Im worried its all gone.
    EDIT! Okay so, I went into my regular folder instead of the Hammer Folder, and found my map under recent files. I copied down the name and entered it into the Hammer Folder and found it.
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    I would not save a file called autosave, because hammer has it's own auto saves (idk if they are default, but you should turn them on) and hammer may get confused between actual autosaves and your map. Hammer also only keeps a certain number of autosaves, and then deletes the old ones, so your map may get deleted if you aren't careful. just like there are certain characters you shouldn't use in file names (like . ) there are also certain "keywords" that indicate certain things to programs. It may be useful to have a list of hammer keywords and symbols not to use in file names, if anyone is interested.
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    The only keywords the system care about are the prefixes indicating the map type. And even then it's only the game executable that cares, the build tools don't give a damn.