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    This is the first level me and a friend put together. The trees in the level can be used to hide and ambush on the bottom floor, or you can climb up each level and look below. We love playing arena, and came up with this map to have an arena map that was fun, and different. I think we did pretty good for a first-shot.

    If the name is any hint, this isn't a map that's intended to be used in competitive leagues, although it isn't horribly unbalanced either. It's just fun and simple. If you play arena to have fun I suggest giving it a shot. Even 1-on-1 matches work pretty well here, because the trees and grass add an interesting element of being able to escape.

    And I realize that the map isn't "professionally done", I just like the fact that it looks different from most levels out there. Maybe I might get some lighting or take out the dev textures eventually, but I'm happy with it for now.

    Few things worth mentioning:
    - The cap point is at the top and bottom of the spiral tower. They both count as the same point.
    - Engineers cannot build on the bottom floor, or right around the tower. Only on the edges of the level starting on the first floor up.
    - I'm aware that spawn is a little awkward. I'll eventually fix this, but being arena it isn't a big priority.

    Of course I'm ready to listen to any critiques, but I'm going to be honest and say a complete aesthetic overhaul isn't likely anytime soon. :p I am very interested in trying to keep it balanced and not-broken, though.

    ***Don't hesitate to upload this map to your server if you enjoy this level!***
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    just throw some lighting in you already got a skybox so all you need is a env_light and your got lighting.
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    You got some serious sightlines, spamlines right there.

    And is it fullbright, if yes then eek :O
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    Your map has no lighting, massive sightlines, an infinitely small point, and it's using the green Half Life 2 carpeting.