Arathi Basin-style TF2 Gamemode?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Shanghai, May 24, 2014.

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    I was considering this idea the other day and I decided to throw it up here for some discussion. Arathi Basin is a World of Warcraft battleground in which teams race to gather the required amount of resources to win the game. In order to gain resources, teams must capture and defend several control points. The more points a team has, the faster its resource count ticks up. In Arathi Basin, the control points are laid out as such:
    The control points are all initially neutral. The ones nearest the spawns pretty much always stay with the teams which spawn near them, though they can be taken by the other team if the other team is really good. The side points provide forward spawns in addition to faster resource gathering. The gray strokes roughly mimic the paths between the areas in Arathi Basin.

    Would a gamemode like this work in TF2? Do you think it would it be fun?
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    I made a game mode somewhat like that in the map dom_cliffhanger. I actually had the idea of redoing arathi basin with that game logic, but I decided to instead create a smaller map. The game mode works, but the layout of AB does not imo. It will basically turn into a sniper war because of all open areas, and slower classes like heavies will have no chance in the map.
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    so domination/standin? I think a problem is that it splits up the teams and it's hard to track whats going on. basically, its too complex. standin is in the game though so it can be done well enough to live up to valves standards.
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    I'd say a 1-2-1 layout could very well work, but a 1-3-1 layout would spread the players out too much. You'd probably have an average of 3 players fighting per team per point, which isn't even UGC approved!