Any info on converting models to be TF2 friendly?

Discussion in 'Models' started by flam5, Jun 3, 2008.

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    A friend of mine who actually works in the gaming industry models in 3D Studio Max and offered a couple models for my map but I'm not sure what the technical requirements are for importing the model into TF.

    So, is it possible to convert 3DS models to a format TF2/Hammer will recognize?

    One model that he offered me:
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    gotta export it i think
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    I'm not sure what the poly limits are. I think that's OK for the PC version. I think I read somewhere that models could be up to 65,000. (?)

    Still, 6500 might be alot, would be better if he could make a low poly version. I'm sure it would be easy for him and probably useful too.

    The tools HE need sto export from Max are here:
    He can watch this vid on model requirements
    basically the model (even static) needs a 2 bone structure. Bone01 needs to be attached via Biped to the model. Then the model needs collision boxes, very simple convex shapes to block out the collision of the car. Each collision shape needs a smoothing group applied, each one needs a unique smoothing group. So the block for body of the car would be smooth group 1, the block for a wheel would be smooth group 2...
    The collision model needs exported seperate from the model itself. So 2 files. Another if you have anims.
    He can export with the materials in any format. TGA is good.

    He can export as an smd. Then you need to follow those tut guidleines on how to get the model converted from an smd to an mdl (with a qc file). You don't need 3ds Max for that, he might not want to bother with that stuff and if he doesn't have TF2 he won't have the folder paths...

    The materials file is something you'll need to make, just like the QC file for converting the smd to mdl. But the material just describes where the tex is, how shiny it is, what it sounds like, etc... There is info on this stuff on the valve wiki also.
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    For a Car like that I'd say 8000 tris. It's all about the optimization of the different Level of Detail, or LoDs.

    My planes, for instance, start at 8000 tris, and have 5 different LoD models that drop them approximately 20% on the polycount for the last model. THe last LoD has 1200 polys in it. He will most likely either have to do the LoDs himself, or you will have to edit his models prios to export. Take a look here for LoD info: