An Aspiring Acolyte of Artistic Architectural Arrangement Approaches

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    Hey guys.

    I'm a relatively dedicated TF2 player, and I've always enjoyed more creative hobbies like composing music. When I found out about community mapping in TF2, I was excited, but the vast amounts of work it seemed to require compelled me to stick to my sheet music. I've been around for a while, lurking, trying out maps here and there, but this year's gonna be the year that I bite the bullet. With any luck I'll be here for a good, long time.

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    Welcome! Remember to check out the steam chat and our tutorials section.
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    Hello, hope Hammer heightens happiness henceforth!
    Alliteration also amuses another, and accordingly advice appears.
    Mappers may murmur much misery...
    Models, materials, manipulation mistakes,
    Exasperating endless errors everybody encounters early.
    Relax, review, repair, retry, rejoice.
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