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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Colt Seavers, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Hi Folks,

    Sorry i've been a bit quiet of late - been real busy with real life and a change of career!

    Anyway, back to some sort of normality now and just wanted to say a generic thank you to all you guys who've provided us with some great customs in the past months!

    I thought it would be helpful, since some don't realise this, to make a post here repeating my offer to all TF2mappers with a beta release of at least 1 map.

    You are all able to have admin on the Colts Playground | TF2Maps.net Map Lab.

    IP is

    Just pop on to coltsplayground.net and send me a PM. I'll usually sort it within a day.

    The idea is that all mappers have a place to test out there maps with friends, at any point after beta release.

    In addition, once you have released your first playable beta, and have been set up with admin, you are able to then test alpha maps too. Any popular maps, even in beta stage, are eligable for a slot on our main Teamplay server rotation, which is full every night --- where we will encourage people to come and give you feedback on the forum.

    Without you guys TF2 would not be the game it is. Keep up the fine work :cool:


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  2. Icarus

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    It will be a valuable resource, seeing as I can't find any servers that won't hate my map because I haven't playtested it yet.

    I appreciate your generosity
  3. FaTony

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    Thank you. This is pure awesomness.
  4. Zwiffle

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    Yes, this is very cool indeed. Thanks for the info.
  5. Armadillo of Doom

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    Despite the fact that good maps take time and traffic has slowed a bit, our friends at Coltsplayground.net remain incredibly awesome :) I hope to start upping our event schedule, and we'll certainly need your help as we do. You run a tight ship m8, keep up the good work :)