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    Ok, here's the deal. i'm a n00b when it comes to mapping with hammer editor. i can make a basic map, but i SUCK at all the stuff with spawnrooms, controlpoints and stuff.
    So i used my little n00b-brain to search google for a .bsp to .vmf converter, and i found one (Wweeee). so i opened a map and deleted everything exept the spawn room and the controlpoints and started mapping.
    But i found some problems in my map ( 2 ecsactly). 1 with the control points and 1 with the spawn rooms (ironic?). I dont know if its the guy who made the stuff, or the converter who did something wrong.

    Problem 1 (spawn rooms)

    I have two spawn rooms for each team, and i want them to spawn in both of them to prevent spawncamping. But no matter how much i change class or team, it will only spawn me in one of the spawn rooms. The two func_respawnroom triggerzones (or what they are called) seem to be grouped i a kind of way, but a can ungroup them.

    Problem 2 (controlpoints)

    I have 3 cp's in the map. You can capture the last one before capturing the middle. But you still have to capture all of the cp's to win, so it isn't really a big problem. But none of the cp's will lock, you can always capture them.

    i am pretty sure that this is a piece of cake you you guys...

    The converter i used was vmex

    If you have any other questions about the map you can download it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PFTVP8LB
    Please note that NOTHING in the map is final.

    And yes, i have read some tutorials of how to make maps in tf2, and i am pretty sure that in a couple of months i will sit down and laugh of that i started thid thread.

    But until then, please help ;)

    (PS sry for bad english)

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    i'm sure there some tutorials here:

  3. bomc

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    yes i know, but i dont want to create the map from the beginning again, i just want to fix the problems.
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    Creating it from the beginning would probably be a good learning experience.
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    Well, you don't need to create your map from the beginning.

    But redoing all the CP's, spawnrooms, etc... can be a good learing exercise (I know, that word has a green stench cloud that folows it everywhere).

    Sorry I can't help with the issues, I have to look at a tut everytime I start a new map, or copy/paste a spawn room from one of my previous maps.

    I think the problem is that decompiling maps can screw stuff up. There's probably one little line of code or a name that's screwed up in your set-up, unfortunately probably the only way anyone will find it is to go through every spawn room, CP, etc... one by one and checking every single thing to make sure they are right.

    In the long run it will be alot easier just to follow a tut step by step and create everything correctly the first time than it will to be to bug hunt. (I know bug hunting sounds quicker, but believe me in the long run you will probably spend more time and end up starting from scratch anyway.

    My advice would be to start a new map. Just one big cube.
    Add all the entities that you need for everything to work. (don't worry about any walls or details). When they all work correctly just copy/paste them into your current map (but delete ALL that stuff in your current map first.

    The Turtle always wins the race ;)
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    Place info_player_teamspawn entities 16 units above the floor.
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    Look in your sourcesdk_content/mapsrc/ directory that is part of the source sdk. There should be a file called cp_entities.vmf or similar. It is a copy of the cp_well map minus all brushes, props, triggers, hints etc etc. It is simply the spawn rooms complete and capture points and everything needed to allow the map to operate as a cp map. You can copy and paste these into any map to use. Make sure you copy them as a objects and not brushes or the triggers included with the spawn areas will break.