KOTH CargoCross

KOTH CargoCross a8

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KOTH CargoCross a8

KOTH map with a train running overhead

KOTH map with a train going back and forth over the point, opening up a higher path for brave players or jumping classes.

This is the first map i've ever really seriously worked on, and so it's probably not very good. I want to know if the layout is decent in any way though.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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  • Pitway
    3CP A/D map with a big cliff next to point C

Latest updates

  1. Actual Playtest Build

    Raised the skybox Added soundscapes Broke up a really bad sniper sightline
  2. First Playtest Build

    Redesigned the area around the spawn room and made some brushes func_details This is the version to be played on the first ever playtest of this map
  3. Noisy Trains

    Trains are no longer silent