work in progress

  1. Toaster gaming

    central processing 13

    The map is built around the fight for the central processing room. the surrounding rooms give space for fighting and flanking, and hold most of the health and ammo packs. There are also several exposed wires that act as damaging map hazards.
  2. dotico

    pl_redroad b1v4

    A payload map that aims to replicate the feeling of early Valve maps but a little more balanced if all goes according to plan. Inspiration was heavily drawn from Goldrush, Badwater, and Barnblitz. Features some fun flank routes and an interesting red spawn that changes as points are capped...
  3. Poprocker_

    koth_dusttown a5

    A very work in progress map. Any critique would be appreciated.
  4. Onionchurro

    waterworks a2

    An Attack/Defense map ive working for a bit, and plan on balancing and poloshing, a way more focused project than my last map "cp_bunkerbusters" that got lost after wiping my ssd another atk/def map that had enough side areas and flank routes for 2 maps over
  5. bajablink

    koth_odyssey B1

    I tried. This is my second ever made map so please be gentle. The next major update I will do is making the lights look much nicer. Oh yeah also I put a nav file in there so its bot compatible. ;)
  6. II ethan II

    Carnegie A1

    5CP map with very little detailing so far. Leave feedback if you'd like!
  7. RmxMi

    WIP_a1 2020-06-01

    This map's in its EARLY stages only one team has a spawn and the blue cart is what the red team must damage it's a damageable prop and you can damage it as a blue don't really know how to fix that but the red team will have a red cart blu will have to kill and when you kill a team's cart the...
  8. Piggy

    koth_scrap A2

    My first ever King of the Hill map that actually functions (granted, it is still in early alpha so it doesn't look pretty)! It's a bit rough around the edges and I took a few design risks with this one so I don't exactly promise that it'll be an impressive design. Feel free to critique it...
  9. Shockk

    The Pillar Arc V2 2.1

    My first map ever! I'm pretty proud of it. Very early version but (as far as I know) 100% playable.
  10. Scampi

    Detail Production 2019-08-05

    Very much a WIP, and also probably broken. Wait until I update it a few more times before loading it up! Didn't end up with as much usable jam time as I wanted, but I got something done, anyway. A detail map of a RED production facility for spytech weaponry and other technologies.
  11. H20Gamez

    Redwood B25

    Koth Redwood is my first take on a default gamemode. Detailing is still in progress but the layout will stay around the same. We are currently testing the map on and off with a handfull of NC/AM Players for 6s. The map hasnt been tested for HL yet.
  12. fynd

    Breaking News V3

    (KOTH) Breaking News is my first ever made map, well cant really say "made" as it's still untextured and left without most props, in the future playtest i'll try to use the feedback to improve it. It's a work in progress, small, city themed map. The map has a few good spots for snipers and...
  13. Cynder loves Portal

    CTF_2towers A2.1

    This map is an concept for a remake of KOTH_sentry_City. The buildings are done. The logic works I just can't decide what to put in the middle yet. The screenshots are of me testing the map with mods.
  14. Lenscope

    Facilities B3

    This is one of my first maps I've made for Team Fortress 2 and is currently WIP. This map is a King of the Hill with a theme consisting of snow and facility or factory-styled buildings. Both team's side is separated by a wall, meaning that the teams will have to fight before being able to reach...
  15. medli20

    Don't get cocky 2017-08-07

    The weekend ended up being busy, and this ended up taking way longer than I thought it would. I'm still going to do my best to finish it, but here's my progress for now.
  16. OctoBlitz

    Project Kronos A7

    Project Kronos: Welcome to Paradise my friends. This is a 3 stage Payload map with emphesis on elevation* and a looming threat that needs to be stopped. As of A1, there is only Stage 1: which takes place on a Shipping yard... Stages 2 and 3 are going to come later, as I want to perfect each...
  17. OctoBlitz

    ThirdRock A1

    What rock is the third rock? A symmetrical payload race map set... well... somewhere... Haven't come up with a setting and these rocks are just placholders until I can come up with something better to cut off sightlines... Made to exceed my previous map cp_airraid...