1. Mr.Explo [CZ] [YT]

    Vscript Weapon Modifing

    Hello i have a problem i want to modify primary weapon but dont really know how. all i could do was to modify activeweapon. i would appriciate help thanks.
  2. GoldInk9734

    72hr Jam 2023 SIG Sauer P320 1/1

    My contribution for the 72 Hour Jam. Based on the M18 pistol. What a speedrun, right? "GB" stands for Golden Ballistics, my fake gun company logo.
  3. GoldInk9734

    72hr Jam 2023 SIG Sauer P320 Weapon model progress

    Work in progress of misc. pistol for Team Fortress 2.
  4. HITOK

    72hr Jam 2023 More stock-like Direct Hit 1.0

    Just a darker direct hit to look more like stock. Wood is darker, has a brown end, and the scope is gray.
  5. FancySnacks

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Double Barrel Flaregun [72h Jam] Alpha 1.0

    Double Barrel Sawed Off Menacing Flaregun for Pyro, do I need to say more? The downloaded file replaces Flare Gun in-game Heavily WIP, needs an actual texture, animation work and some modelling fixies Only started to work on it 10 hours before the deadline as I couldn't start earlier and...
  6. ☽ℤℯℯℓ↺

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Costa Rican Sunset 2022-07-24

    This is an entry for the 72 Hour Jam! Done by: Zeel EKSD Lumi Make sure to check it out on the workshop!
  7. ☽ℤℯℯℓ↺

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Cruising Crescendo 2022-07-24

    This is an entry for the 72 Hour Jam! Done by: Zeel EKSD Lumi Make sure to check it out on the workshop!
  8. DudeTheNinja

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Minecraft-Styled Sniper Stock Weapons Release

    Last jam, I made the Classic in a style reminiscent of modern Minecraft 3D-modeled items (like the Trident, the Spyglass, etc). This year, I decided to one-up myself and make not one, but three models in the same timespan - all of the Sniper's stock weapons (Sniper Rifle, SMG and Kukri)! All...
  9. r0nii

    Scorch shot but in different variants modpack v1

    Entry for tf2maps.net 72jam 2021 Made the weapon because i think this weapon is overpowered comparing other weapons and i had the history of equalizer and escape plan in mind. I had in mind to create second scorch shot and split the stats. So i've created few scorch shot variants (no stats were...
  10. KNOS

    Rocket launcher (made in blender) 2021-12-19

    I made a Rocket launcher for the tf2maps jam Sorry about the fbx file, I have had troubles baking the textures and I did not want to spend any more time on it. It took around 5 hours in total to make.
  11. John I want a divorce.

    The Striking Resemblance.

    D'ya ever wonder what it feels like to get hit by a giant bowling pin? no? Scout does. BONK! I was really hoping to make an animation for this, demonstrating. but i couldn't get the models into SFM. (It's my first time trying to make anything for Valve games etc.) If this post is updatable...
  12. Cheese Curd

    Weapon Test

    This is the place to test things to do with weapons you can test viewmodels and bullet spread if you want to (its hard to see them)
  13. C

    1866 Yellowboy Rifle V1

    This is an 1866 Yellowboy Winchester lever action rifle. I created it for the 72hr Jam as an intended primary weapon for the engineer, though it could possibly be available to all shotgun wielding classes. I'm currently texturing it, but with only 14 hours left on the clock I find it unlikely...
  14. Diva Dan

    "Whipslasher" Demoman Sword (mod included) Release 1

    The Whipslasher is a two-handed demoman melee weapon made in a similar theme to a shield in an upcoming weapon set of mine, which you can see in the GIF above (not included in this download). What is Included in the download is a ZIP which includes a folder you can place in tf/custom. This is...
  15. Atasco

    Non-fake weapon props possible?

    Hey yall, I finally got a new computer so I can map again! Unfortunately my old maps died with my old computer :C so I'm making new versions. I was making a sniper perch area in a map I was fiddling with, when I thought it would be funny to put a jarate prop there. Then, after that, I thought...
  16. Qersojan

    [RESOLVED] Need Help with TF2Items Source Mod Plugin.

    So I've gotten source mod successfully working on my private dedicated TF2 server. I want to make a simple change and remove the clip size penalty on the backscatter for everyone on the server. I assume to do this I need the "TF2Items" plugin so I've installed it. I attempted to do this using...
  17. Rusty Gate

    Time To Die 1.1

    To use on your own Citizen Pain. Go to your custom folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom) Create a folder, you can name this folder anything, inside the custom folder. In this folder, create a "materials" folder, and then a "patterns" folder inside of that...
  18. Colbruh

    The Sunburn A1

    This is a skin of the Turbine Torcher Decorated Weapon Skin. This skin is based on the classic beach style. How to Download - just drag the folder "Sunburned" into your custom folder This weapon may change some other decorated weapon skins. This skin is not final so message me any problems...
  19. Lo-fi Longcat

    3 Voxelised Weapons

    http://8bitstickmod.tumblr.com/post/163807881737/my-three-entries-for-the-tf2-72hr-jam-my-three I recreated my three favourite looking weapons from TF2 in a voxelised style. 1: The Shooting Star 2: Prinny Machete 3: Headtaker
  20. Zomgitsbacon

    Brutes Equation

    A brand spanking new Melee weapon for the Engineer, with a tad more blunt forced trauma. Had a great time doing this 72hour Jam, though I wished worked a tad more with the texture and finish the lods on it. P.S (can't seem to upload the zip)