train station

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  1. Exee

    Railcross A1

    Hi y'all! I'm just getting into mapmaking and I threw this together in like, a couple of days- It's (I think) a relatively simple, small koth map set in a train station, the control point being on two railroad bridges layering over eachother. I'm actually quite proud of what I've done, but I'd...
  2. Springy

    coalmap 72hr a4

    Made for the 72hr jam Attack or defend this abandoned train station, followed by... a bunker(?) Credits: Thin pine trees by Diva Dan The BulletCrops Pack
  3. TheFluffycart

    Cornucopia a3

    Cornucopia is a 2CP Defuse map based in an autumn environment/train station. The map uses Crikey mode as well as Defuse logic (check my profile for the prefab), to make a new gamemode that should hopefully be enjoyable (Please turn on sv_cheats 1, and sv_allow_pointservercommands always in...
  4. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Snowmann a1

    A 2CP control point map set in the snowy town of Snowmann! Main attractions include the town square with a Christmas Tree, a gift shop and the train station! Don't download this map, it was my first map and it's AWFUL
  5. Hazard

    koth_station A2

    Originally my submission for the 2019 Jam as well as my second 'completed' map. inspired by King and Harvest.
  6. Ruby

    Transit Beta 2

    Transit is a fairly simple map based in a train station, where RED and BLU own a side of the tracks and are fighting for ownership of the whole rail line. High-speed trains will occasionally pass on the tracks to mow down any unsuspecting mercenaries. It is a CP map, but it can best be...
  7. Scouter Egg

    Courtyard Shuffle A1

    This is my first map in a while and my first map I can say I'm very proud of. mostly because I used many tools I have learned how to use over my time of map making including: Displacements, texture shifting and the most utilization of the face tool I've ever used yet.
  8. Arceus

    Terminal rc5

    Not even RED or BLU can escape the perils of delayed public transit this season, during the Summer of Hale. Since waiting for their arrival trains is simply too boring, help them fight for lounging and waiting territory on this map designed with inspiration from Grand Central Station of New...