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Terminal rc5

Summer of Hale

  1. Arceus
    Not even RED or BLU can escape the perils of delayed public transit this season, during the Summer of Hale.

    Since waiting for their arrival trains is simply too boring, help them fight for lounging and waiting territory on this map designed with inspiration from Grand Central Station of New York, USA.

    Known issues/bugs:
    -One of the lights outside of spawn is set to a different brightness. Please provide feedback if all the lights outside of spawn should be set to this brightness or not.
    -The right hallway to B features 3 shops, whereas the left does not. Please provide feedback if both should or should not have the shops.

    -Yes, the rails are set to NotSolid. This is to avoid getting stuck.
    -Yes, there are custom textures. Feel free to suggest or create equivalent Team Fortress-oriented textures.

    Last Updated 1/29/2018
    See Update history to view pictures of updated areas.

    -ABS's resource library
    -Overgrown assets
    -Stone Railing pack
    -Neon Lettering pack
    -Cheese Shop props
    -Coffee Vending Machine prop
    -File Cabinets
    -Cracky Pop Vending Machine prop
    -Switchboard props
    -Chair prop
    -TF2 Emporium Vehicle Pack
    -Control Point Hologram Strip texture
    -Smooth Wood Floors texture
    -Swamp theme
    -Construction theme

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