Paint Me Like One Of Your Boston B*tches 2017-08-05

A Drawing of The Scout from Team Fortress 2

  1. Dr. Icesidio
    My Post for the 72Hr Event! I decided to draw The Running Jumping Speeding Shooting Man! Aka The Scout.

    Team Fortress has been a really fun ride for me, sure at the moment it's going through a bumpy time, but I see hope in the new Pyro Update, and I hope Valve will push through and make this update amazing!

    Drawn in Paint Tool Sai

    Special Thanks to:


    The Amazingly Talented People over at the TF2 Workshop

    TF2Maps for hosting this amazing event that spawned abunch of talented made tf2 content.

    The Bran Man for motivating me to make this piece.

    And you, the viewer that took the time to read this and take a look at my drawing, it's much appreciated!

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  1. The Bran Man
    The Bran Man
    Version: 2017-08-05
    cool dip