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  1. justin_ (f2p) (real)

    first time creating map, asking for suggestions for improvements

    as the title says, im new to mapping, i created this layout of my first map and i wanted to ask for improvements i can do for it (being honest, the 2 main ways to the point was slightly inspired by sawmill, im an uncreative person lol) the gray boxes in the cp building is supposed to be covers
  2. worMatty

    Markdown support

    I think the forum would benefit from Markdown support. It's much easier to type than BB code, and is a common standard that's used by Discord and GitHub.
  3. Piesofthesky

    Anything you want to see in my payload map?

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, and if it doesn't, sorry. I've only one map before, and it didn't turn out too well. I learned the process of map development (at least the beginning), so it was worth my time. I have an ambitious project in mind, but I want to gain more experience before I...
  4. Asd417

    TF2M HUGE Collaboration project?

    I am currently working with Googujajoob to make an arena map and while I was working with him, I learnt a lot. Mapping which always felt daunting to finish, suddenly seemed less overwhelming. I was encouraged as a newbie mapper to start and finish a map. So I started cp_sittingrock(wip name)...
  5. Erk

    Trivia Night?

    Just something dumb I thought of; What if we had a game we would play, maybe every 2-3 weeks where people would be faced with a random trivia question that's about Team Fortress, or Hammer? It'd have to run on the honor system to ensure no one cheats.
  6. Viemärirotta

    Make stickied threads more noticable in recent threads/forum

    The stickied threads shouldn't only be shown in their respective forums instead also have a *STICKIED* tag on it's left (obviously colored so people won't name threads with stickied). So it would automatically do so if it's stickied. It would give more attention to members seeing *STICKIED*...