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Anything you want to see in my payload map?

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Piesofthesky, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Piesofthesky

    Piesofthesky L1: Registered

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    I'm not sure if this belongs here, and if it doesn't, sorry.

    I've only one map before, and it didn't turn out too well. I learned the process of map development (at least the beginning), so it was worth my time. I have an ambitious project in mind, but I want to gain more experience before I try to make it.

    I'm planning on making a payload map before I tackle the aforementioned ambitious concept, because sticking to symmetry was frustrating and because it will be an opportunity to learn about how the payload cart works. It's the only objective I haven't experimented with. Also I like playing on payload maps, and I have spent a lot of time playing on them, which should help when it comes to balancing the map. The only problem is, I lack inspiration for this map and I have no ideas that can make my map interesting and fun.

    So I wondered if any of you had any suggestions or ideas or things you'd like to see in a payload map. If you do, go ahead and request it in this thread. If it's an idea for a gameplay space or a vision of a theme for the map, go ahead and post it, so long as you don't mind me using it. All I'm looking for is ideas.
  2. Werewolf

    aa Werewolf Probably not a real Werewolf

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    Why don't you build the map first and let people give feedback based on that play experience? People can't critique what they haven't seen, heard or played.
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  3. Umaroth-24

    Umaroth-24 L2: Junior Member

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    Try to look at official pl maps and why they work or get inspired by the fun gameplay spaces on them :)
  4. Asd417

    aa Asd417 L1: Registered

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    We dont know what to add before we see what we need to improve
  5. Blade x64

    aa Blade x64 Logical insanity

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    I want to see some original ideas for layout that will give a fresh and fun gameplay experience.

    Any good ones I come up with I'll want to keep for my own maps. So just start looking around at everything to see what you can draw inspiration from: concept art, architecture, toys, puzzles, movies, etc.
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  6. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    It's also worth adding that ideas might come from trying to respond to what kind of gameplay is missing from TF2, or trying to solve problems with existing modes. Valve created Gorge because they saw that attack/defend maps were less popular due to how rounds tended to drag on, so they made a map with only two control points. Phi's Cobalt was made to address spawncamping issues in KotH.

    I think this kind of insight mostly comes from making/studying maps for a decently long amount of time, so I don't know that it's applicable to everyone.

    If this is only your second map, you might find it more worthwhile to just make a map that "works" rather than worrying about making the map unique and interesting. Most maps that you find unique and interesting are made by people with a history of maps that nobody remembers because they aren't particularly unique or interesting.

    If you have a strong unique idea for a map that you want to try and achieve, go for it! However, I wouldn't worry about making sure you have that cool idea to work on because I can almost guarantee the map won't be very good, and if it's an idea that you're attached to, you'll probably end up revisiting it later when you have the skills to realize it more fully. If you can make a map that's scaled decently and doesn't have pacing issues, you're already in the 60th percentile of users on this site. That's not meant to be a jab at anyone - I still struggle with these things!

    You might also find it useful to create stuff that isn't meant to be a complete map. My .vmf folder is full of small things like this that, while they don't end up with a finished product, do get me thinking when I'm otherwise just staring at my current project and getting nothing done. You might even be able to drop that piece of geometry into a "real" project later on.

    The best way to stir the creative juices is to make stuff and not worry about if it is good. Exposing yourself to outside material is also good (and necessary), but it doesn't help you get familiar with what your working process is, and that's the most important part about becoming a better and more efficient designer.
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