koth_desert_storage A1b

Fight about old storage building

  1. ArskaWarrior
    Hellou. it's my first project I have published. i made much work for this map and i hope everything works :) .

    i have been thinking about class advantages and I want share them whit everyone:

    for scout:scout: i made much stuff to make jump but not much different roads so... I am not good whit scout :DD

    for soldier:soldier: i made high ground advantage , there is 3 main ground and 1 not main ground.

    for pyroshark:pyro: I made much water to lowest ground.

    for demo:demo: I made surprisingly high skybox. well.... really wasn't any idea about demo's advantages.

    for heavy:heavy: I made map pretty short , fast to go fight ;)

    for engi:engie: I made few teleport spot , but i did not found any good sentry spot

    for medic:medic: I maked much stuff to take cover for medic

    for sniper:sniper: i did made much snipe spot's but.... i deleted them becose those gave me feeling about being too op spots. sorry sniper mains

    for spy:spy: I made map much room for hiding invis

    tell what ever comes to your mind about my map and tell
    improvement options. and about i am not sure does water and glass work, it was hard work to make them work so I do have respect for telling me if that doesn't work.