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  1. zythe_

    Multi Stage darkmesa_fs a14

    a multistage payload map set at night! (only the final stage currently exists)
  2. Flareblood

    CP_Eggbasket a4 but fixed i hope

    Hopefully this time I'm actually learning how to make a decent map. I think I'm also figuring out how to make some height variation now. Might be a bit underscaled, but let's just see.
  3. Bull

    desertmap a1

    Figured I should start on a new project, so here is pl_desertmap! That name is absolutely terrible, I know, but I'll think of a better one later on. It's better than the previous name, which was 'newshit_a1' so I'd say there's an improving line! Map is a basic one-stage payload map with your...
  4. EArkham

    Competitive Stage Stand Alone B1

    Competitive Stage Stand Alone This is a simple modification of the props_ui/competitive_stage that you see in the Winner's Room at the end of a match. Bonus skin, if you think the default looks a bit dark! This content set will be updated periodically. Can I use these in my map? Yes...
  5. P

    Multi Stage Dampvalley A4

    A Multi Stage Payload map inspired of Sawmill and Thunder Mountain.