sound bug

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  1. Werewolf

    How to disable or control ambient sound effects for func_croc / prop_dynamic?

    I've added a 'func_croc' brush to my map, and I have a few 'prop_dynamic' crocodiles (lifted right out of cp_mercenarypark) as well. They are working as intended with players dying correctly and whatnot, but my issue is with the ambient sounds they make. My problem is that every few seconds...
  2. Werewolf

    Looped .wav file sounds 'glitchy'

    I'm trying to work on an update to DR_Bank, and one point of feedback I had seen was about compressing my sound files. After trying to compress them I have found that Gaben's (the motivator) move sound became distorted. I heard the bug and tried to revert the change by extracting the same file...
  3. Yosh

    Custom sounds not working when packed [fixed]

    So I've been trying to figure this problem out for a while on my own and I'm stumped. So basically in my map plr_eruption I have a custom sound called "lavanoise.wav". When I compile it regularly I hear it in game just fine. However, once I pack my map and turn on sv_pure 2 it won't play...
  4. CPU Iris

    Map not producing any sounds

    Alright so I ran into another situation with my map. Let me give a quick run down on what the problem is. So I added soundscapes into the map in order to add a much more realistic atmosphere (Note: the soundscapes used are from the game and are not custom soundscapes) After adding these...
  5. jeff #ImWithHer