skybox texture

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  1. SnickerPuffs

    Texture "The Ship: Murder Party" skyboxes

    Since The Ship and TF2 have similar artstyles (or at least similar enough, compared to games such as Portal or Half Life), I wanted to ask if someone could port the skybox materials for use in TF2.
  2. The_Gl!tch.exe

    [Solved] Weird skybox error

    Hello there, I've recently added a skybox area to my map and since then everything went a bit weird. The 3D-skybox only contains the sky_camera entity, light_environment and a disabled func_brush which gets enabled with a button. However soon after adding I ran into multiple problems. 1. The...
  3. Capp

    hammer suddenly doesn't recognise skybox texture that is clearly there

    for some reason, changing the file name from a3 to a4, hammer thinks the file doesn't exist, and i have made zero alterations since the first time i put it and it worked just fine, now it doesn't. I'd love some help
  4. Dr.FrenchFries

    Name of Skybox in rd_asteroid

    Hello, I'm making a space themed Attack/Defend Map, I'm trying to look for the skybox from rd_asteroid but I can't find it. Does someone know the name?
  5. Punished Lawbringer

    Custom Skybox

    I'm currently having an issue with custom skyboxes. I'm already knee deep into my payload map which is Frontline/Mayann themed, yet a skybox which is included with the Frontline resource pack is not recognized by hammer and causes an error which doesn't show its texture while in the game...
  6. Left_4_Pillz

    Cloudynight 2017-01-12

    A simple skybox made free hand and tweaked with SkyPaint for all your night that is cloudy needs. Lighting prefab included! Made by: TLBA
  7. Asd417

    Asd417's 'Seamless' Skybox Tutorial

    Here is a guide for people who want their skybox to be mathematically PERFECT. I might just be making a redundant guide but it seemed to me like there aren't any specific guide dedicated for this. Please tell me if there is already. Step 1: Create a basic cube map. This first step involves...
  8. TwashMan

    Can't get custom skybox texture to work (Finished)

    I was following a tutorial on the matter and it did not seem to work. Here is the tutorial Here is a "Tree" i made to show the files. In hammer i changed the skybox Texture...