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Fastlane Pro A4

A Fastlane Rework based on B4nny's comp advice.

  1. rummy is some loser

    A balcony off of the connector over the platform. 20180630171439_1.jpg

    Sealed off the HUGE tunnel. 20180630224258_1.jpg
    The beginning entrance to last now begins earlier. 20180630171700_1.jpg
    There is now a shutter at the end of river to prevent the massive sightline into the house.
    20180629221219_1.jpg And shutter in from lobby too. 20180630171728_1.jpg
    House is now only 1 room.
    With an open flank into it. 20180630224843_1.jpg
    The second point is now elevated, with an indented balcony for jumping classes and extension for point-play. 20180630225144_1.jpg
    The house in mid is now considerably more open. 20180630171554_1.jpg
    There is now another entrance to mid: a balcony. 20180630225511_1.jpg 20180630225645_1.jpg

    Special credits to the people this map could not be made without:

    B4nny, for ideas.

    BoojumSnark for his TF2 Hammer pack.

    UEAKCrash for the mapping knowledge and advice I needed.

    Spence for inspiration in a few areas.

    And most importantly, Arttu "SKDR," Mäki, the map's original creator.

    My Steam for any inquiries: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166632184/


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