Ok, so... HI. Please be gentle, for the time being.

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Would a SE US Private MapTesting & 6v6 Game Server + TeamSpeak Server interest you guys?

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  1. Sure, if you really are interested in doing that, and making both private for site members only.

  2. No, I don't really see a point. Doctor?!

  3. It sounds like a good idea, we should discuss it in a bit more detail to figure out how to approach.

  4. I don't like access to free private servers, good maps, low ping for many & clear voip. Boourns.

  1. reevO

    reevO Banana to know, or Banan... with love to show?

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    The last time I introduced myself on any type of discussion forum like this was probably when Bill Clinton was still in office. (Please save the dad jokes for after this message ends please. Thank you.)
    Nothing against introductions of course... I'm just quite bad at them.

    Anyways, it's time to get down to the brass tacks here and let everyone know who that weird 'reevO' guy is that's been lurking the site & hanging out in the Steam chat.

    When I first checked TF2Maps.NET out I was pleasantly surprised, as I didn't expect to see such a large community left for an 8-year old game. I look forward to seeing what you all continue to come up with and hope to be able to participate in any future events.

    If I can be of any assistance with organization/livestreaming/etc, or just lend out my private TF2/TeamSpeak servers if they are needed, then please ask.

    So, yeah... it didn't take long for me to go ahead and sign-up for recurring monthly donations so I can do my part towards keeping the site up and running.
    I hope to start posting on the forums more often, as I would really like to give making maps another shot. Other than dabbling with Hammer via CS: GO, I think the last maps I made before that were for Painkiller: Black Edition & Quake II.

    Alright, this went longer than it should have.
    Sorry for the wall of text everyone.
    Hope to see a bunch of you around sooner or later.

    If you ever need a Medic, drop me a PM!


    And remember...


    - reevO

    - jtrgamingTV
    - @jtrgamingCSGO
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  2. radarhead

    aa radarhead Level 20 "Mapper"

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    Who could hate a guy who donates to the site before even their first post?

    Welcome to the site! I personally don't know what we'd need more servers for, but I'm sure there are plenty of people here with better/more informed opinions than I.
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  3. Zed

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    For some reason I find the text really difficult to read when it's centered like that.
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  4. reevO

    reevO Banana to know, or Banan... with love to show?

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    I tried it on the left but it looked way too janky to me.

    Just pretend it's a wedding invitation. Then it looks aesthetically pleasing.

    Oh and don't forget to R.S.V.P.

  5. RataDeOrdenador

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    ...I can only say hello,I guess,because it looks like you know almost everything you need to know. So... hello...

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  6. Crowbar

    aa Crowbar perfektoberfest

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    There's been enough greetings posts telling important stuff to read.
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  7. Turnip

    aa Turnip The 80s Vegetable

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    Welcome to the site
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