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  1. zoiled_it

    Undead King Tavish 1

    Loadout for Demo was created on I then traced some portions of the model pixel-by-pixel and even improvised some sections. Not too hard to pull off but takes a while and looks nice.
  2. LucyLime

    72 Hour Jam 2022 Entry, LucyLime 2022-07-22

    Here is my entry for this years jam, ''72 Hour Jam 2022'' :engie: Using Source Filmmaker and some Adobe Photoshop magic I made a poster in the style of an old school postcard, in the upper left corner it features the text ''Doctors Without Borders'' :engie: :engie: This is my first time...
  3. Veliass

    The Little Scientist (SFM+Photoshop) 2020-09-07

    In this new issue of The Little Scientist, the only magazine disapproved by the ethics committee, we will creep inside Dr. Ludwig's lab to see by ourselves the incredible robot with feelings. Even if it can only feel pain and suffering, we can consider this as a big step for science. Credits...
  4. Veliass

    Beep Man's Adventures [SFM+Photoshop+scan] 2019-08-05

    MANN Co. present the 42nd issue of "Beep Man's Adventures". Following the events of "Gravel Conspiracy" and "Watchers Saga", Beep Man have to fight the Terrible Giant Robotic Soldier (TGRS). With this adventure, a free sticker is given away ! This is an artwork that took way too much effort to...
  5. Utfel

    One life - One game 2019-08-04

    Its a collage with TF2 heroes. Here I portrayed my favorite class the soldier and australium black box. You can see a lot of keys and rare box here too. I use Engeneer,pyro and demoman here too. I use pictures from internet and photoshop.
  6. Brickiest Brick

    "If You Know What I Mean" Scout 2018-07-29

    This Scout needs no description. He is the embodiment of all that a Scout main is: Sheer overconfidence and a lust to dominate you. This is also the face Scout mains make when they dominate you. Oh yeah.
  7. ᴰ ᴱ ᴿ ᴾ ᴵ ᴼ

    me since i started playing tf2 2017-08-07

    me since i started playing tf2.
  8. Moth

    Mercenaries 2017-08-07

    Mercenaries. Who knows? not me We never lost control You're face to face With the man who sold the world SFMs and models used as reference, no paint overs. Final layer count : 278
  9. Chris Hansen |

    what are your intentions with my sister 2017-08-07

    Used SFM and Photoshop.
  10. Rytu

    Charitable Duo (Poster) V3

    Photoshoped SFM Poster made for the 72hr Jam Featuring Heavy and Scout !
  11. The Siphon

    VTF plugin for Photoshop doesn't work

    I noticed that the VTF plugin doesn't work in Photoshop CC (2017) for some odd reason. When I install the plugin and then open Photoshop it says something like this: "At least one plug-in isn't available on the system. You can find more information by selecting guide > system information"...
  12. Moth

    72hr Miss Pauling on the job 2017-02-13

    This year's comic was absolutely awesome, I had to draw Miss Pauling during the jam. She does use the spy's revolver in the issue #6 for thoses wondering.
  13. Moth

    72hr Heavy Weapon's guy portrait 2017-02-13

    A painting of the heavy, pushing shapes and desaturated colors, (and some grain to give it a 60's photos vibe). I used photoshop for everything.
  14. LandUnderWave

    Preppy Scout A1

    I should not have used such dark outlines :(
  15. HHGamers

    72hr "Chilling" Out (gif)- HHGamers 2017-02-11

    So I decided to try and make a gif for the first time. Had to do so much just to get the map to work, none the less the gif. (Can't figure out why the train is there). But for the entire process it was a fun new experience. My Steam:
  16. FUTURE10S

    72hr Heavy Self-Portrait [SFM poster] 2016-07-24

    Made over the last few hours for the SourceSTUFF contest, I realized that it would be unfair to keep it hidden in the depths of Facepunch (and I already made a 72hr entry, so if this counts, then it's my second one otherwise have an image)