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  1. The_Gl!tch.exe

    [Solved] Help with path_track speed

    Hello there, I'm working on a part of my map where a ghost (tracktrain) starts moving by a trigger, moving back and standing still again. [2]---------[1] basically, moving back and forth. The speed when spawning is set to 0 When touching the trigger, the tracktrain is set to the speed 100. If...
  2. Piggy

    Payload Doesn't Regress Properly

    I've tried many things to fix this issue but despite my efforts nothing has worked, so I'm posting this because I need help. The payload regresses as it is supposed to, however after regressing it refuses to move forward for whatever reason. This applies to both rollback zones and standard...
  3. I Darkstar X

    Parenting path_tracks via logic_measure_movement

    So I'm trying to make a boss that hovers above players while it shoots at them, but I didn't want it to teleport around since that would be really jarring, so I came up with the idea that I could use path_tracks and the infameous LMM to accomplish a smooth movement over players' heads. However...
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Func_Tracktrain problem [solved]

    I need help. On my player destruction map, I want to make a tank that drives through the entire map and collects fuel canisters. Atleast, it runs straight through the middle of the map without turning. Now to the problem. In the Hammer, the tank is attached to the truck and the model itself is...
  5. Minimus Ambus

    tracktrain unaligned with the path_track's

    Hi, me again. So I had an idea for a payload map, but the payload won't align itself with the path_track entities. Thus, the cart starts off the track and it can't go up hills. I have never encountered this before, any ideas anyone?
  6. Corfix

    can bots ues path_track ?

    it is possible to ues path_track entity with bots to make them go in certain directions ?
  7. Kube

    First path_track is causing map to crash?

    TF2 is crashing whenever I join the Red or Blu team on my map (NOT when I join Spectator). Through selectively hiding items, I've narrowed the source of the crashes down to one entity: the first path_track in the cart track ("sspl_path_start"). No compile errors, no runtime errors. The entity...