Func_Tracktrain problem [solved]

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Jan 20, 2019
I need help. On my player destruction map, I want to make a tank that drives through the entire map and collects fuel canisters. Atleast, it runs straight through the middle of the map without turning.

Now to the problem. In the Hammer, the tank is attached to the truck and the model itself is calmly turned the way I need. On the map everything turns 90 degrees and goes sideways. Cool!

Here is func_tracktrain screenshot
Снимок экрана (96).png

Снимок экрана (97).png

This is how it should to look at all and looks in hammer (first path_track right in the func_tracktrain)

Снимок экрана (99).png

This is how it shouldn't to look at all and how it looks in game (Tank should to face right in front of me but it moves sideways)

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Feb 10, 2017
You don't want the tracktrain facing the way that it will be travelling - instead turn it so that it is facing 'upwards' in the Topdown 2D view