14bit MC18 A1

14bit VS Special Delivery

  1. 14bit
    After years of thinking, I finally managed to come up with a layout for an SD map that isn't just Doomsday Again.

    I also did that thing where there's low buildings with accessible roofs again that I've been doing recently. idk I just think it's neat.

    Probably too small.


    1. hl2_2021-10-24_00-34-52.png
    2. hl2_2021-10-24_00-35-41.png
    3. hl2_2021-10-24_00-34-31.jpg
    4. hl2_2021-10-24_00-36-23.jpg
    5. hl2_2021-10-24_00-35-25.png
    6. hl2_2021-10-24_00-36-07.png
    7. hl2_2021-10-24_00-33-34.png