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  1. [NGPU] Revetron

    Vector Calculator for Map Making

    When creating a map, one crucial design-aspect is its total size and available space for players. Therefore, being able to calculate distances correctly is an essential skill, since different distances can affect fall-damage and accessibility. Since working in three dimensions can be...
  2. Leonin

    Light_env, secret room and windows completely bugged.

    (First time posting) I was bored and decided to make a small map based on Superhot, although it would have worked better if I knew how to map well. if someone will fix it please send me the file and I'll give you some hats. :engieyay:
  3. WhoWee!

    Ran out of ideas for last stage...

    ugh... Is mappers block a thing? It feels like It. Point is I'm stuck... I cant seem to figure out what to do with my last stage for my a/d map. I am open to suggestions, as long as it fits a snowy/winter theme... I rly could use some help... If you can give any ideas, that would be great! I'll...
  4. RB-551

    TF2 Door Height and Dimension References

    I was looking at the small office space in the map itemtest to borrow some decoration and texturing ideas, and upon noticing the door that led to the office space I realized that I could not find the size of the door anywhere. How big is an average door in TF2? Does anyone have a good...
  5. ={LF}= 『Inspector☆Lag』

    Looking for assistance on a map for my server.

    Hi, if anyone has the time to do so, I'm running a server with the map named 2Fart. It is a great-looking map (despite the name), but for my server's needs, it is a little lacking. I need a few things on it and I would do it myself if I had any knowledge on how to make maps. I will link you to...
  6. Dot

    (MATH) Help me measure Hightower

    Hello there, I refently got assigned a project that requires me to measure something fictional. The Professor gave us an example regarding Star Wars. My idea was to measure TF2’s iconic Hightower and then calculate how much of the map you could see in miles. Anybody know the formulas and the...
  7. papaburny

    Force Weapons

    Hello! So currently, I'm working on an Arena map that strips your weapons down to melee only and then allows you to collect a weapon if you walk over it's trigger. However, I'm having some trouble. Here are the solutions I've tried. - ent_create tf_weapon_xxx (TF2 doesn't allow for the...
  8. I Darkstar X

    Something so simple in theory...

    So I'm new to this, and the solution is probably very obvious. But all I want to do Is make a rotating door rotate in the SAME DIRECTION FOREVER. Its really annoying me that I can't figure this out. And setting the rotation to an insanely high number seems a big haphazard. Any help that...
  9. bruce9086

    Hammer Run Map Old Version again and again

    Here is my log materialPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials Loading C:\Mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.vmf Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported (entity 22, brush 6) 4 threads reading c:\mapping\ach_ginfan_v1.bsp reading...
  10. Tyraka628

    Overlay I need some maps made, and I'm ready to pay money for it.

    I joined this website with the intention of finding someone who could either port maps from certain games into source, or create custom TF2 versions of these maps for me to use in Garry's Mod projects. The maps I want/need to be ported/created are: Autumn Plains, from Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage...
  11. Thazunex_

    5CP map spawn issues

    Hey I'm relatively new at creating 5CP maps and I'm running into an issue involving spawns, I try to find tutorials but I can't, can anyone tell me how to make it so a team goes to a forward spawn upon capping?
  12. Shadowgattler

    Need help finding these roof models

    Hi guys, I'm recreating a map from a different game, but I'm having trouble finding 2 small details to add to the map; a red overhang and orange tiles. I left a picture for some reference. Any help would greatly be appreciated.